Findus House, Ballyvoige, Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland  Tel 026 - 40023
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Kilnamartyra(Irish: Cill Na Martra, meaning "church of the martyr"):

 Findus House is walking distance from Kilnamartyra, a rural, typically Irish village in the Gaeltacht(an area where Irish is the predominant language). For the kids, enjoy a hands on, fun filled tour of Irelans' only Toy Soldier factory, Prince August, where you can make your very own toy soldiers, Lord of the Rings figures, or even chess sets! Create your moulds, set and paint for a life time memory. For the adults, enjoy a pint of Guinness(or Murphy's, Cork's famous rival to the number one stout) in our local pubs, where music and cards are a regular occurance.

Macroom(Irish: Maigh Chromtha, meaning "crooked plain"):

Macroom is a busy market town in the valley of the Sullane River, only 9.5km from Findus House and it certainly has a lot to offer. Every Tuesday, join the market in full swing - you can get it all here , from homemade goats’ cheese to a set of screwdrivers. If it’s a stroll on the green you desire, try out the local pitch and putt green, or maybe Macroom’s 18 hole golf course, set by the picturesque setting of the Sullane. The fishing challenges of the Lee Valley though, are often the main attraction of Macroom. The average trout caught here weighs 16ozs, and is but one of the many type that can be caught (salmon, perch, rudd, carp, bream).

Gougane Barra(Irish: Guagán Barra, meaning "the rock of Barra"):

Set 10km from Findus House is the stunning Gougane Barra, a settlement surrounding a monastery built on an island in the lake during the 6th century. Check out this unsurmountable beauty here: 

Lee Valley Walking Tours:

Join organised and relaxed walking tours of the surrounding region with Catherine Ketch. Learn about the local amenities, flora and fauna, and maybe even pick up some Gaelic along the way!


The Gearagh:

Situated about 4km from Findus House sits an area of former alluvial forest called the Gearagh, an old Irish name for a wooded river. This unusual area formed where the River Lee broke into a complex network of channels (2 to 6m wide) weaving through a series of wooded islands. It is the only extensive remains of Alluvial Forest found in western Europe. It is a unique place of streams, narrow channels and small islands. Here are found some very rare plant and insect specimens which have been investigated and recorded by famous naturalists and scientists since the 19th century. There are 100's of species of flowers, plants and ferns. During the autumn and winter months migratory birds arrive in vast numbers and flocks of wild duck, snipe, woodcock, curlew, lapwing and swans can be seen on the islands. With foxes, stoats and otters in abundance the area is a treasure trove of wildlife.It is said that a thousand people could spend a week in the Gearagh without meeeting each other.




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